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Luxe Innovations at ACT Forum 2019 - ลักซ์ ที่งานสถาปนิกปี 2019

Luxe Innovations (Thailand) Company Limited was established in 2018 under “2Go Products LLC” (Headquarters) – San Diego, USA – which has been operating since 2008 and has opened branches in China, Hong Kong, and The Philippines. In the first year, 2Go Products LLC launched Neo series, a Creative innovation on online platform in the name of

In 2019, we launched the new products in Architect ’19 and received excellent feedback from developers, architects, designers, and visitors of the exhibition. After talking to our delightful guests, we’ve noticed both their interest and concerns for sanitary wares leading to the new business plan: to offer unique and proper sanitary wares so they could not only solve the difficulties but serve the satisfaction. Our selective products carry both distinctive appearance and hygiene; making them perfect for any use.


We strive to become one of the best company in lavatory products with our comprehensive capability in marketing, manufacturing, supply chain and management.


We operate our business to fulfil the demands of the market particularly the value added products, with the manufacturing technology and managerial approach that are united to strengthen our potential and ability stay competitive in the market. We are driven to grow and expand our business along the success of our clients with social responsibilities and awareness for the environment being the foundation of our evolving history.

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